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Wounded Pride always produces Arrogance:

One whose senses have been guarded and calmed, like horses well tamed
by the trainer, whose pride, conceit and mental fermentation are all uprooted,
Even the Divine loves such one.
Dhammapada 94

The one who has shredded both lust, hate and folly pride as the fallen seed,
which never again returns to the straw, such one is a Holy One..
Dhammapada 407

One should cool any anger, let go of any pride and relinquish any attachment.
Such cooled one, not clinging neither to identity, body, form nor any world
cannot ever suffer any pain...
Dhammapada 221

It is a bag held up by bones, plastered with flesh, blood and skin.
In it lives aging, sickness, death, puffed pride, and sleek self-deceit...
Dhammapada 150

If a Bhikkhu masters his speech. If he speaks right on the point, clever and wise.
If he is not of puffed up by pride. If he expounds both text, meaning and spirit.
Then exceedingly sweet will be his talks....
Dhammapada 363

Any Pride produces Arrogance!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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