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To whom should one give, to gain most Merit?

The gods became gods as a result of their giving!

The young Brahmin Māgha once asked the Blessed Buddha:
When giving food, where would this offering be most purified for the donor?
The Blessed One answered: If any open-handed householder, a lordly giver,
Māgha, seeking merit, looking for merit, sacrifices, giving food and drink to
others, such one would achieve the most merit, if the recipient is pure & Noble.
Such, who indeed wander unattached in the world, owing and wanting nothing,
fully accomplished, in complete self-control, upon them, at the right time one
should bestow an offering. Those who have cut all mental bonds and fetters,
who are tamed, completely released, without affliction, without desire, upon
them, at the right time, should
one bestow an offering. Upon these purified and
Noble Ones
should any Brahmin, who is looking for merit, place his sacrifice!
Sutta-Nipāta verses 488-491 Edited excerpt.

Pure giving cut short: Give 2 those who don't want anything!

More on Giving (Dāna)  and Merit (Puñña), which is the main next life support: 
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Giving is getting, since this kammic wealth, will be reflected back as a future echo :-)

Pure is Merit..

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