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Quenching all Craving and Clinging Releases!

The brahmin Māgandiya once asked the Buddha about how to detach:

Question: How does one quench all this urge of craving, and clinging?


One should stop all mental diversification, and proliferation by giving up the
concept "I am"! This internal craving for all existence should be dispelled...
Whatever theory one understands should neither induce pride, nor thereby
imagining of 'Me' as being better, worse, or equal to anyone. When contacted
by various forms, one should neither form an image, nor concept about any self!
Such friend is at peace within himself, and need not seek peace from another!
He neither takes up, nor lays down anything. Therefore he cannot be moved!
He does not desire any sights, sounds, flavours, amusements, or common talk.
He does not cherish, or delight in any phenomena at all, in this entire universe...
When affected by pain, he does not lament, nor does he long for survival, or
ever tremble, when in great danger. He does not accumulate anything, whether
things, eatables, or clothes. Nor is he afraid of not receiving, or loosing all...
Such Bhikkhu is a meditator, not foot-loose, pure, not negligent, dwelling in
remote lodgings, where there is little noise, and no disturbance from visitors...
Sutta-Nipāta 915-925 Edited excerpt.


On this Craving (Tanhā)  and Clinging (Upādanā) that has to be quenched:
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What is it, that is quenched? It is only the fire of greed, hate and ignorance,
that is quenched. There is nothing else - here or there - ever to quenche...


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