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Really Rich are those who have gained a fine future!

Anāthapindika was a millionaire banker (setthi)  of Sāvatthi, who donated
the famous Jetavana Monastery to the Buddha, the Dhamma and his Sangha!

He covered the entire ground with gold-coins to pay for it to prince Jetakumāra!

Venerable Sāriputta  thanked the householder Anāthapindika  with these verses:
When one has faith in the Tathāgata, Unshakable and well established, and is of
good conduct built on moral virtue, dear to the Noble ones and always praised;
When one has confidence in the Sangha, and a view that has been set straight:
They say, that one is not poor then, that one's life has not been lived in void vain!
Therefore the intelligent person, while always remembering the Buddha's Teaching,
Should be devoted to faith and purity, to confidence in and vision of this Dhamma!
Just as the many rivers flow downstream, and finally reach the mighty ocean,
Exactly so do the streams of merit reach any donor, any good and wise human,
who is a giver of food, drink, clothes, housing, beds, seats to the Noble Sangha.
One who has Faith in these Three Jewels, who purifies his behaviour by Morality
Having given to those, who seek the absolute, is Really Rich  - most wealthy -
even without a single penny!

Anāthapindika was a millionaire banker (setthi)  of Sāvatthi, who became
famous because of his unparalleled generosity to the Buddha. As kammic result,
he was later reborn in the Tusita  heaven! The place of those who are content :-)

Sāriputta : The chief disciple (aggasāvaka) of Buddha Gotama.

Do much Good Now, while you can improve your future!
After sickness, old age, and death it is too late again...

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:384]
section 55: Sotāpattisamyutta. Thread 26: Anāthapindika

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