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    Scientific Reincarnation  Research:

A not unusual and now verified fact:

Children can have verifiable past life memories that can be independently
corroborated. They can tell about specific names, places and events that they
never can had a chance to ever know anything about, since all these events
happened before their birth! These specifics can be confirmed  by going back
years in the public records. Birth marks and birth defects can show up in situ
of the weapon, or accidental wounds that caused their often sudden, unusual,
violent, or traumatic death. To reject these data is dogmatism and not science..


Dr. Ian Stevenson's  presentation is here:

Reincarnation research by Ian Stevenson Children's past life memories:

Reincarnation Evidence in Ian Stevenson's Research by professor Dr. Robert Almeder


Scientific Evidence of Rebirth by Dr Jim Tucker:

Rebirth scientific research:

The Cardiologist on the Near-Death Experience 1

The Cardiologist on the Near-Death Experience 2

The Near-Death-Experience seen from the Intensive Care Unit:

Near-Death Website:


Banal yet Paradigmatic shift in conceptual framework:
Since the quantum-mechanical principle of discrete non-locality can be applied
unambiguously to all quanta of energy and thus ALSO all information (entropy)
and thereby the very consciousness, that contains and embeds that information,
then is the t
ransmigration of consciousness from one body to another just as banal
as the quantum jump of the electron from one atomic orbit to another orbit without
ever being in between these 2 orbits! This electron jump happens billions of times per
second in your light bulb. You could thus not see anything without it! This consciousness
jump happens billions of times per second in your body and brain. You could not live or
even exist without it! So why be silly and not accept such a common, ubiquitous and also
ultra-frequent plain-fact phenomena? Huh! Better examine it properly and completely...

Rebirth from an Early Buddhist Perspective:

Reincarnation Research

Reincarnation Research

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