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Unselfish Joy! How to Rejoice in Other's Success:

Mutual Joy (Muditā)  is developed by seeing that:
If only happy at one's own success, such egoistic Joy is meager and limited!
If happy at other's success, this vast Joy is more frequent and even infinite!

By observing that:
It starts with basic sympathy, develops into acceptance, genuine approval,
and appreciation. It culminates in rejoicing altruistic gladness by directing
mind to initiation, much cultivation, & boundless expansion of Mutual Joy :-)

By knowing that:
Mutual Joy is the proximate cause of sweet, fully satisfied contentment!
Lack of
mutual joy is therefore the proximate cause of any discontent...
Mutual Joy instantly eliminates acidic jealousy, grudge, and green envy!
Mutual Joy is an infinite, truly divine, elevating, and sublime mental state!
Mutual Joy is 1 of the 4 mental states of the Brahma-devas (Brahmavihāra)

The Blessed Buddha pointed out:
If it were impossible to cultivate this Good, I would not tell you to do so!

Buddhaghosa cutting it clear:
"See how this worthy being is Happy! How fine! How excellent! How sweet!"

Mutual Joy Audio Dhamma-Talk: Rejoicing evaporates Envy and Jealousy..

Let there be Happiness. Let there be open Freedom.
Let there be Peace. Let there be Bliss from cultivating this.
Let there be Understanding of this
mental state of Mutual Joy!

Cultivation of Mutual Joy is the specific medicine against all Envy and Jealousy:

 Muditā: The Buddha's Teaching on Unselfish Joy: BPS Wheel Publication No. 170
 4 essays by Nyanaponika Thera, Natasha Jackson, C.F. Knight, and L.R. Oates

Mutually Rejoicing Joy!

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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