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Disgust Releases by Evaporating all Greed!

At Savatthi the Blessed Buddha said this:
Bhikkhus, for any clansman who has gone forth out of faith in my teaching,
to do this, is in perfect accordance with the supreme Dhamma:
He should dwell contemplating the impermanence inherent in any form...
He should dwell contemplating the suffering inherent in any form...
He should dwell contemplating the impersonality inherent in any form...
He should dwell absorbed in disgusting any form, in disgusting any feeling,
in disgusting any perception, in disgusting any construction, & in disgusting
any form of consciousness! One who dwells immersed in revulsion towards
any form, revulsion towards any feeling, revulsion towards any perception,
revulsion towards any mental construction, and revulsion towards any kind
of consciousness fully understands all form, all feeling, all perception, all
mental construction, and all states of consciousness!
One who fully understands form, feeling, perception, mental construction,
and consciousness is freed from form, feeling, perception, constructions,
and consciousness! I tell you: He is even freed from birth, ageing, & death!
Freed from all sorrow, weeping, pain, discontent, and desperate despair!
I tell you: He is freed from all Suffering...

Yet not pleasant disgust liberates mind by diminishing craving.

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The Grouped Sayings by the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya 22:146-9 III 179-80

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Disgust Releases!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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