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Request for required PC replacement:

The computer here used for the Dhamma-drops is unfortunately crashing down:

Fan and fan-controller on mother-board is finished. New fan did not work at all.
Occasional errors on Hard-disk and Key-board. Daily freezing during AV-updates
due to o
ld slow CPU, which cannot be upgraded. Video-editing is impossible due
to small graphics card, which neither can be upgraded (Soldered to motherboard).
A replacement Power-Laptop, suitable for Dhamma-Video editing, is thus needed.

If you Happily wish to Help Share the true Dhamma World-Wide,
then the following three Options for a Contribution are Available:

  A: Secure online donation via VISA/Credit-Debit-card or bank account:

B: Direct Bank wire transfer to this Bank account:
Lån & Spar Bank
Trianglen 4, Postbox 2644
2100 København Ø, DENMARK
Account Name: Miguel Stig Lima
Registration nr: 0400
Account nr: 4011713020
IBAN account nr: DK4904004011713020

C: Cheque, bank-draft or money-order to:
Mr. Miguel Stig Lima
Kanslergade 7 st. tv.
Copenhagen 2100 Ø,
Phone +45 20820962 or +45 32102664

Many Thanx in advance for your quite kind help!

The website has recently been chosen to be
among the 50 best Buddhist blogs:
The 50 Best Buddhism Blogs:

Our Editors and Readers selected your blog because of its high
standard of quality information mixed with your excellent commentary.” has more users than ever ~20.000 hits/month:

 For the website’s continuation & Dhamma-video expansion a new PC is crucial!

Many Thanx in Advance!

Sabbe Sattâ Bhavantu Sukhi Tattâ:
May All Beings Become Thus Happy Thereby!


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