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How is Understanding Penetrating?

Understanding (pañña) knows more than the mere perception since this can
just classify as 'blue' or 'round'. Only Understanding can dig out, reveal, and
penetrate into abstract characteristics of the object such as: Impermanent,
Miserable and Impersonal... While perception is like a child, and thinking is like
a villager, then Understanding is like an Expert, who knows far beyond both
the childish perception, and the naive villager-like pedestrian logical thinking...
Penetration into the particular, individual, special essence significant for only 
the currently present object is the characteristic of Understanding!
To eliminate the darkness of delusion and the scatter of doubt by illuminating
the object, as if from all sides, is the elucidating function of Understanding!
Certainty, assured knowing, being beyond all doubt, fully comprehending without
any pollution of confusion is the confirming manifestation of Understanding!
The proximate cause of Understanding is Concentration, since only that quality
can anchor consciousness long enough on the object so that analytical thinking
can drill into it, and penetrate the quintessential and fundamental core!
When the object is experienced as if from inside, it is completely Understood!
Understanding is always accompanied by clear elevated  Joy, or calm Equanimity!
Understanding prevents disadvantageous states from arising, and eliminates all
already arisen, and already habitually present detrimental states of the mind.
Understanding also initiates the arising of so far absent advantageous states,
and refines, expands, completes, and perfects these already arisen good states!

There is Understanding gained by Hearing and Learning from another.
There is Understanding earned by Thinking and Rational Reasoning.
There is Understanding won by Development through Meditation.

Who Knows? There is NOT an 'I, Me, or Person' who understands anything!
Rather the Event of Understanding occurs exactly when the ability and process
of Understanding is in the state of understanding. It is thus Understanding itself!,
that Knows, Comprehends, and Understands...

More on this supreme Ability to Understand:

Source:  The Path of Purification XIV 2ff:
The Visuddhimagga by Ariya Buddhaghosa from the 5th century AC.

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