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Contemplating the Purity of own Morality:

One who wants to develop the recollection of virtue should go into solitary
retreat and recollect his own different kinds of virtue in their special
qualities of being completely pure and untorn, as follows:
"Indeed, the integrity of my morality is untorn, unbroken, unspotted,
unmottled, liberating, praised by the wise, detached, and productive
of concentration" (AN  III 286). Laymen should recollect them at the
level of laymen's morality, while the one gone forth into homelessness
should recollect it at the degree of vinaya virtue of those gone forth.

And when a bhikkhu is devoted to this recollection of virtue, then he
has respect for the training. He lives in communion with his fellows in
the life of purity. He is tireless in welcoming. He is devoid of the fear
of any self-reproach. He fears as evil danger even the slightest fault!
He attains to fullness of faith. He has much happiness and gladness...
If he penetrates no higher, he is at least headed for a happy destiny.

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Now when a man is truly wise, his constant task will surely be this
recollection of the Morality blessed with such mighty potency.

Visuddhimagga I 222

Remembering this perfect cause of Pure Morality:

Reviewing Own Virtue!

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