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Dear Dhamma Friends:

New Roofing and Floor Repair is Requested:

The cypress hermitage here have long needed some new roofing. Furthermore is the verandah
floor caving in due to almost complete undermining by rat tunnels. Hopefully can these required
improvements be finished before the torrential heavy rain sets in during the June-July monsoon.
The fact that all materials have to be truck-transported from Kandy (=~60km) and then further
hand-carried 2 km uphill this knuckles mountain to 4000 feets elevation usually increases the
costs significantly, as there is no road-access to here. Your kind contribution is thus requested.

to Dhammadhara_Foundation

The roof & verandah improvements will enable a safe path for pre-dawn & night walking-meditation
under cover from the often quite heavy rain, and under lights so not to step on the quite common
poisonous polanga-pit-viper snakes, who often visits this hermitage in their night-hunt for frogs.


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20838 Tawalantenna
Kandy, Central Province.
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Direct Bank-wire transfer or bank-draft-cheque is also possible.
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Many Thanx in Advance!

Sabbe Sattâ Bhavantu Sukhi Tattâ:

May Many Beings Become Thus Happy Thereby!

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Giving Shelter is giving & later getting the Best!

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