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The 8 Pleasures of the Reclusive Sage:

The absence of possessions, and possessiveness...
Blameless daily begging of sufficient alms food...
Content, calm, and composed with modest needs...
Detached ease regarding all worldly phenomena...
Fearlessness of robbery, violence, and loss...
Freedom from bosses, and administrators...
Freedom from government, and taxation...
Unobstructed in all directions, and realms...

Oh let us live happily! Freed from aversion, going even among haters.
Among those in anger, let us live free from all anger and irritation.
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Oh let us live happily! Freed from discontent, going easy among the greedy.
Among those dissatisfied, let us live free from any urge of discontent.
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Oh let us live happily!
Possessing nothing at all..
Let us feed on joy, just like the bright shining Devas.
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Health is the greatest gain. Contentment is the
finest treasure.
Confidence is the
best company. Nibbāna is the highest Bliss ...
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The one who has tasted the sweetness of solitude
in cool calm fears not.
He does no wrong a
s so is indeed the sweetness of the joy of Dhamma.
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Updated: 20 December 2016
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