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One can Escape the Suffering of Samsara!

The Blessed Buddha  once said:
The flood of tears that all beings have shed, while weeping and wailing
upon this loong way, hurrying and hastening through this endless round
of rebirths, while forced together with the disliked, & separated from
anything liked, is far greater than all the water of the four oceans!
So long have you lamented the death of your father & mother, of sons,
of daughters, brothers, & sisters. While you were thus wretched by all
this misery, agony, & anguish you have surely shed more tears upon this
immensely loong way, than there is water in the four oceans...
The flood of blood that all beings have shed, having been beheaded, or
stabbed, or injured during this long way, through billions of rebirths as
punished killer, murderer, or soldier is far greater, than all the water in
the 4 oceans! So long have you been caught as robber, thief, & adulterer,
& beheaded as punishment, truly more blood has flowed along this vastly
long way, than there is water in all the four oceans even when summed...
But how is this possible? Inconceivable is the beginning of this Samsara;
not to be discovered is any first beginning of beings, who, being blinded
by ignorance and ensnared by craving, have been hurrying and hastening
through many repeated rebirths... In this way have you & all other beings
long been suffering, been tortured, experienced disasters and tragedies,
and filled many graveyards full with bones! This truly, is long enough to
be dissatisfied with all forms of existence, is long enough to turn away
and free your self from all that suffering, that awaits in the future...

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Source: (edited excerpts) SN 15:1+3+13
From: The Word of the Buddha: Venerable Nyanatiloka Mahāthera.


  Oceans of tears & blood have we all shed in Samsara!

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