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 Awareness (Sati) is the Ticket to Enlightenment!

Can one drive a car safely when blindfolded? No!, since no Road is seen!
So also with lack of Awareness! No Way to the real True Good is seen!
Clear Awareness is foremost in the sense of rolling overall like a wheel.
The Awareness Link to Awakening (sati-sambojjhanga) is basically the
same mental property (sati-cetasika), which inherently is included in:

The Four Foundations of Awareness (Satipatthāna)
The Right Awareness Path Factor (sammā-sati-magganga)

This Essential, Crucial, Indispensable, Absolutely Necessary Ability
is explained in a detail deserved by its vital importance right here:

Training of Clear Comprehension (sampajanna):
Training of the Four Foundations of Awareness (satipatthāna):
What is Right & Noble Awareness? Answer and Details at:
Further studies in this universally superb mental state:
Feeding the Awareness link to Awakening:
What is the Awareness Link to Awakening?:
How to Accumulate a Mountain of Prime Advantage ?
Analysis of the Four Foundations of Awareness!
Origination & Cessation of the 4 Reference Objects:
What is Awareness and Clear Comprehension!
What is the Essential Foundation of all Mental Purity ?
How can one realize the Deathless Here and Now?
Why does the True Saddhamma last Long or Short?
How to reach the Certainty of Final Knowledge?
Disillusion => Ceasing => Peace => Bliss => Nibbāna!
How to be Released into the very End of Suffering?
What is the One & Only Way of Purification of Being?
Right ON! Are you Fully Aware and Clearly Comprehending?
Supreme Sharing. How to show Friendliness to those Worthy of it?


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