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A cave in Rājagaha, on the slope of Mount Vebhāra. Once, when the Buddha was staying there, he gave to Ananda the opportunity of asking him to live for an eon, but Ananda, because of his un-mindfulness, failed to take it (D.ii.116).

The cave was sometimes used as a residence for monks coming from afar (E.g., Vin.ii.76; iii.159).

According to the Commentaries and the Chronicle the First Council was held in a hall erected by Ajātasattu outside the Sattapanniguhā. S. i.9; Sp.i.10; Mhv.iii.19; Dpv. iv.14; v.5; ThagA.i.351; 

This First Buddhist Council took place at the Sattapanni Rock Cave in Rajagaha now Rajgir, India. 3 months after the Buddha's final Nibbana,
500 Arahants met here to recite the Dhamma and the Vinaya so that it could be passed on to future generations exactly as spoken by the historical Buddha Gotama and his disciples. This council was headed by Mahakassapa
Thera and it lasted 7 months. It established the original authentic Tipitaka:
The 3 Baskets of Sacred Text = The Pali Canon:


This crucial 1st council is described in detail in the Mahavamsa:
The Great Chronicle of Ceylon pp: 14-19

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