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Sense Seclusion produces Peace!

Since sensual pleasures, variegated, sweet and delightful, agitate the mind
with their varied forms, thus seeing danger in the streams of sense pleasure,
one should wander alone, solitary as a rhinoceros horn...
This for me is a calamity, a tumour, a setback, a dis-ease, a barb, and danger:
Seeing the vulnerability in the pitfall of these 5 strands of sensual pleasure,
one should wander mentally secluded and reclusive as a rhinoceros horn...
Cold, heat, hunger, thirst, wind, scorching sun, gadflies and snakes, having
endured all these adversities patiently, one should wander alone, withdrawn,
and as imperturbable as a rhinoceros horn! (The Indian Rhinoceros Unicornis
has only one solitary horn!) Sn 50-52


The solitary Rhinoceros teaches how to be comfortable within yourself!

Whoever is addicted to society and worldly bustle, he will not partake of the
Happiness of quiet withdrawal, detached aloofness, peace or enlightenment!

On the secluded (
Viveka) rhinoceros:
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Sense Seclusion...

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