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Equanimity of the Mind, Serenity & Beyond!

The Blessed Buddha once explained:

And what
then, Bhikkhus, is this simple indifference of the flesh?
There are these five strings of sense-pleasure. What five?
Visible forms, which can be experienced by the eye ...
Hearable sounds, which can be experienced by the ear ...
Smellable odours, which can be experienced by the nose ...
Tastable flavours, which can be experienced by the tongue ...
Touchable objects, which can be experienced by the body ...
are all attractive, captivating, desirable, irresistible, lovely, charming,
tempting, pleasing, sensually enticing, seductive, alluring, and tantalizing!
These are the 5 strings of sense-pleasure. The indifference that arises from
these 5 strings of sense-pleasure when bored, is simply indifference of the flesh...

Podcast on How to gain Equanimity, Balance, Peace and Ease:

And what, Bhikkhus, is the equanimity, which is not of this world?
With the leaving behind of both pleasure and pain, and with the prior fading
away of both joy and sorrow, one enters & dwells in the 4th jhāna absorption,
which is an entirely stilled mental state of naked awareness, purified by the
equanimity of neither-pain-nor-pleasure. This is called the equanimity,
which is not of this world!

Finally, what is the serenity beyond the equanimity, which is not of this world?
When a bhikkhu, whose mental fermentations are eliminated, reviews his
calmed mind, which is liberated from all lust, freed from all hatred, and
released from all uncertainty, then there arises a transcendental serenity...
This is the serenity beyond that
equanimity, which is not of this world!

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Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [235-7]
section 36:11 On Feeling: Vedanā. Joys beyond this world ...

 Serene is Equanimity!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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