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How to live the ideal Bhikkhu Life!

The Buddha once explained how:
Listen well Bhikkhus, I will explain to you the very way to shake off all evil!
Let the one who sees the goal & is thoughtful cultivate only that behaviour,
which is advantageous for those who have gone forth: One should wander to
the village at the right time early in the morning, since attractions attach
easily to the one wandering at the wrong time... Forms, sounds and tastes,
smells and touches, which drive beings mad, dispelling all desire for these
captivating things, he should enter for his morning meal at the right time...
Having received early alms-food, having returned alone, he should sit down
in solitude. Thinking of internal things, he should not let his mind go outside,
having his body well-constrained. If he should converse with any disciple, or
anyone else, then he should speak only about this outstanding Dhamma, and
never slander, nor blame any other..
Those of little wisdom will fight against
any argument: We do not praise them, since they scatter their minds there!
Having heard the Dhamma taught by the Well-Gone-One, a disciple who has
excellent intelligence, will wisely reflect, and therefore resort to alms-food,
and a remote silent habitation, since to simple alms-food, lodging, and water
for removing dirt from his outer robe, to such frugal necessities any really
wise bhikkhu cannot cling, like a drop of water not clinging to a lotus leaf...
Sutta Nipāta 385-392

On Clinging (Upādanā) and how to release this intensified form of craving:
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Shaking off all Evil...

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