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    Sweet is Verbal, Bodily and Mental Silence!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Kāyamunim vacamunim,
munim moneyyasampannam.
Ahu ninhātapāpakam.

Silenced in body, silenced in speech,
silenced in mind, without inner noise,
blessed with silence is the sage!
He is truly washed of all evil...

Itivuttaka 3.67

Calm is his mind.
Calm is his speech.
Calm is his behaviour.
So is the tranquillity;
So is the serenity;
of one freed by the insight
of right understanding...
Dhammapada 96

Sambādhe vāpi vindanti,
dhammam nibbānapattiyā
ye satim paccalatthamsu
sammā te susamāhitā.

Even when obstacles crowd in,
then the path to Nibbāna can be won
by those who establish awareness,
perfect focus and concentration.
Samyutta Nikāya 1.88

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Meditation dampens the electroencephalographic brain-wave frequency almost 10 fold!
from ~30Hz to <3Hz and significantly suppresses the amplitude ("silent and almost flat").

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Have a nice silenced and calm day!

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