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The ability to feel Pain ceases in the 1st JhAna!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Here, Bhikkhus, while a Bhikkhu is dwelling diligent, enthusiastic, and resolute,
there arises in him the ability to feel pain. He understands it thus: There has arisen
in me an ability to feel pain. That has a cause, a source, a causal condition.
It is impossible for that ability to feel pain to arise without a cause, without a source,
without a condition. He thereby understands the ability to feel pain; he understands
the causal origin of the ability to feel pain; he also understands the very ceasing of
the ability to feel pain; and he understands when the ability to feel pain ceases without
any remaining trace... And where, Bhikkhus and Friends does the arisen ability to feel pain
cease without remains? Here, Bhikkhus, aloof of any lust, quite secluded from any sense
desire, thus protected from a disadvantageous mental state, one enters and dwells in the
1st Jhāna mental absorption, which is full of joy and pleasure, born of solitude, joined and
fused with single-pointed directed thought and sustained thinking... It is right there that
the arisen ability to feel pain ceases without remainder. This, friends, is thus a Bhikkhu
who has understood the ceasing of the ability to feel pain! He directs his mind accordingly..

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Comment to the over-estimating meditator:
If you still can feel bodily pain in back, knee, or wherever while meditating,
your current mental state is obviously by definition below the 1st Jhāna...  

On how to attain the Jhāna absorptions:

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:213] section 48: The Abilities. 36: Irregular Order ...

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