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   Without Fermentation one is Fully Free..


The Blessed Buddha once said:
When a Bhikkhu develops the Feet of Force that is enriched with
concentrated desire, concentrated energy, concentrated thought &
concentrated investigation, all constructed by effort, by thinking:
In this way will my desire, energy, thinking and investigating neither
be too slack nor too tense, it will neither be constricted internally
nor scattered externally, then he dwells experiencing both what is
in front & what is behind, so above, so also below, so by day, so also
at night! Therefore, with a mind that is all open & unrestricted, he
develops the dazzling bright mind, which is pervaded by luminosity...
When the 4 feet of suprahuman force have been developed, refined
and cultivated in exactly this way, the Bhikkhu possesses the various
kinds of suprahuman force: Such Bhikkhu, by the total destruction
& complete elimination of the 3 mental fermentations, in this very
life enters and dwells in the fermentation-free release of mind, in
the fermentation-freed release of understanding, realizing it for
himself by direct knowledge, through own direct experience...

Source (edited extract):

The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. [V:265-66]
section 51: The 4 Forces: Thread 11: Shaking The Mansion.

About Abhiññā: The 6 suprahuman forces, higher powers, see:

For Details on the 3 or 4 Mental Fermentations (āsava)  see:

Fermentation Free ...

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