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Experiencing Right Things might cure illness instantly!

Once when Venerable Girimananda was sick, then the Buddha said to Ven. Ananda:
If you, Ananda, would go to Ven. Girimananda & explain to him the 10 experiences,
it may be that Girimananda's illness will be cured instantly!
And which are these ten experiences? They are:
1: The experience of Impermanence, and inconstancy (
2: The experience of No-Self, Egolessness, and Impersonality (
3: The experience of Disgust, Loathsomeness, and Foulness (
4: The experience of Danger, Damage, and Disadvantage (
5: The experience of Leaving Behind, Avoiding, and Giving up (
6: The experience of Disillusion, Dispassion, and Detachment (
7: The experience of Ceasing, Stilling, and Final Finishing (
8: The experience of Disappointment with the entire world (
9: The experience of Transience of all formations (
Sabbasankhāresu Anicca-Saññā).
10: The experience of Breathing Awareness (Ānāpānasati-Saññā).
Having learnt and fully memorized these ten experiences from the Blessed Buddha,
the Venerable Ananda went to the Venerable Girimananda and recited these ten
experiences to him. Then as soon as the Venerable Girimananda heard these ten
experiences explained, his illness instantly subsided! This was thus the way
the Venerable Girimananda was cured, and could rise from his sick-bed instantly....
(To see and know that in advance - a priori - takes a SammāSamBuddha!)

On the 10 experiences or perceptions:

Video on detailed explanation of Ānāpānasati breathing meditation:

Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 10:60, AN V 108ff.

The 10 Experiences!

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