The 10 Helpers »


Ten Keys with Inherent Success:

These 10 precious Helper points should be fully Understood:

1:  Enthusiastic Effort in advantageous states greatly helps.
2:  Joyous Awareness of the body as only a transient form is to be cultivated.
3:  Contact as the cause of mental fermentation & clinging is to be recognized.
4:  The Conceit: 'I Am (my Own Body or Mind)' is to be extracted & eliminated.
5:  That Irrational Attention leads to loss & decline is to be thoroughly known. 
6:  Rational Attention, discriminating cause & effect, is to be directed to.
7:  That Immediate Absorption of mental Concentration is hard to penetrate to.
8:  The Certainty of unshakable, & assured knowledge is to be sought & reached.
9:  That all being in existence is maintained by nutriment is to be fully learnt.  
10: Absolute & Irreversible mental Release is to be realized & fully entered.

These 10 things are real & true helpers, exactly so & not otherwise,
perfectly discovered & formulated by the Well-Gone-One...



Source: The Exhaustive Speeches by the Buddha. Digha Nikāya 34

The 10 Helpers of deep Understanding!

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