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The 3 kinds of ¬†Craving ¬†(Tanhā):

The Blessed Buddha once said:
There are these three kinds of craving. What three?

1: The Craving for Sensing...
2: The Craving for Becoming...
3: The Craving for Non-Becoming...

These are the three kinds of craving!
This Noble 8-fold Way is to be developed for the direct experience of
these three kinds of craving, for the full understanding of them, for their
complete elimination, and for their final overcoming, abandoning and leaving
all behind. The Noble 8-fold Way is developed for the ceasing of all craving!

Comments: Any form of craving is a sign of hidden and habitual addiction:

1: The first kind of sensual craving for sights, sounds, smells, flavours,
touches, thoughts, and mental states is fairly obvious, yet still tenacious...
2: The second craving is for becoming things such as: Rich, famous, praised,
satisfied, beautiful, forever young, painless, healthy, strong, respected... etc...
3: The third kind of craving is for not becoming things such as: Sick,
criticized, despised, weak, ugly, afflicted, lonely, unsuccessful, dead. etc...

The proximate Cause of all Suffering is this Craving, which have to be left!
This is the 2nd Noble Truth!
Craving means: All kinds of lust, desire, hunger,
thirst, longing,
urging, yearning for, attraction to, hankering, and hoping for.
Ceasing of all Craving is ceasing of Suffering!
This is the 3rd Noble Truth!
The proximate cause of craving is feeling. The effect of craving is clinging.
Clinging is thus caused by craving. When craving arises, clinging also arises!   

Whatever is delighted in creates craving, clinging, and thus Suffering! 

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Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:58] section 45: The Way. 175: The 3 Cravings ...

The 3 Cravings ...

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Updated: 04 Aug 2017
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