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The 3 Universal Characteristics are Absolute:

All form is unstable, falling apart, transient, and inevitably vanishing.
Therefore is all form fragile, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing..
Therefore is all form ownerless, neither what I am, nor mine or any self...

All feeling is unsteady, disintegrating, temporary, and just fading away.
Therefore is all feeling feeble, annoying, and really a painful suffering..
Therefore is all feeling unkeepable, alien, not-me-nor-mine-nor-any-self...

All perception is fickle, collapsing, transitory, and quickly disappearing.
Therefore is all perception frail, bothering, and never quite real, nor enough..
Therefore is all perception foreign, strange, alien, not-me-nor-mine-nor-self...

All mental construction is insecure, subsiding, ephemeral, and always leaving.
Therefore is all mental construction brittle, irksome, and invariably inadequate..
Therefore is all construction impersonal, and neither-me-nor-mine-nor-any-self...

All consciousness is momentary, fleeting, passing, evanescent, and forever lost.
Therefore is all consciousness insubstantial, tedious, and quite miserable..
Therefore is all consciousness egoless, alien, and neither-me-nor-I-nor-myself...

Thus seeing, thus knowing, thus assured, clearly comprehending, but shattered,
and disgusted, yet still calm, cool and collected, one gradually stops taking up
and accumulating these things, since only fools pick up pain ever again and again!
One instead relinquishes!  This - only and exactly this release by letting go -
is the liberating escape from all suffering, be it past, future or present! 

The Blessed Buddha said:
Whether Perfect Ones appear in the world, or whether Perfect Ones do not
appear in the world, this still remains the same condition, an immutable fact,
and a fixed regular nature-law: That all constructions are impermanent, that
all constructions are subject to suffering, that everything is without any self...
Anguttara Nikāya III 134

          Constructions are all impermanent:
          When he sees this though understanding
          And turns away from all that is ill,
          Then that is the path to mental purity.
          Constructions are all suffering:
          When he sees this with understanding
          And turns away from all that is sick,
          Then this is the path to mental purity.
          All states are all without substance or self:
          When he sees this via genuine understanding
          And turns away from all that is illusory,
         Then this is verily the path to mental purity!
          Dhammapada 277-79

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Updated: 22 December 2016

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