The 3 Universal Characteristics »


The Three Undeniable Global Properties:

Q: Is the body and all external form, lasting or transient? A: Transient
Q: Is feeling, pleasant or not, lasting or transient? A: Transient!
Q: Is experienced perceptions lasting or transient? A: Transient!
Q: Is the mental constructions lasting or transient?
A: Transient!
Q: Is naked awareness = consciousness lasting or transient?
A: Transient!
Q: Is the eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind, lasting or transient?
Q: Is form, sound, smell, taste, touch and thought, lasting or transient?
Q: Is solidity, fluidity, heat, motion, and space, lasting or transient?
Answer: All these are Transient!, Impermanent!, Temporary!, Fleeting!

Q: Is what is transient, happiness or suffering? A: Decay is Suffering!
Q: Is what is transient, ever changing and therefore frustrating pain
suitable to be regarded as: "This is Me & Mine, This I Am, This is my Self!"
"This I can Keep,
This I can control, This I Posses, This is my Ego" ... ?
Answer: No certainly Not ...!, since what is self must be keepable, same,
identical, constant, controllable, under one's own full power, and thus
pleasant... As all these phenomena are none of this, they cannot ever be self!

Seeing this, understanding this, comprehending this, the Noble Learner is
disgusted by all form, by all sensing, disgusted by all, whether physical or
mental.  Being thus disgusted, one experiences an opening disillusion...
The blocking veil of distorted perception, view and thinking is all off.
Without illusions, the mind is fully released and one immediately knows:
This mental liberation is final and irreversible. This - exactly this state -
is called Nibbāna, experienced is this very life ...

Regarding these 3 general characteristics or signs (Ti-lakkhana) see also:

Life always involves Suffering and is inevitably Sorrowful!

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