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 Mental Purification comes in Seven Stages!

1: Mental Purification by Morality.
2: Mental Purification by Meditation.
3: Mental Purification by Right View.
4: Mental Purification by overcoming Doubt.
5: Purification by Knowledge and Vision of what is Path & Non-Path.
6: Purification by Knowledge and Vision of the Noble 8-fold Way.
7: Purification by Directly Experienced Knowledge and Vision.

Avoiding all Harm;
Doing only Good;
Purifying the Mind;
This do all Buddhas teach!
Dhammapada 183

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  Sources: The moderate speech on the relay wagons MN24:

  The Seven Stages of Purification and the Insight Knowledges:

Mental Purification!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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