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How Emerges the Ability of Energy?

The initiation of deliberately directing mind for the sole purpose of exertion,
is the very first initiating sprouting arising of the mental ability of energy .
The growing of keen eagerness, and enthusiasm under the influence of the
success of the exertion itself, expands the arising of the energy ability.
Presence of focused attention, and fixed consideration conditioned by the
guided control of exertion, increases the emergence of the energy ability.
The unification of one-pointed concentration under the condensing influence
of this sustained effort, adds to the arising of the energy ability.
Non-appearance of laziness, is the advantage of the energy ability.
Absence of the frustration of laziness, is the charm of this ability.
Entering mental absorption is the motive behind the energy ability.
Assured stability of effort is the very power of the energy ability.
Enthusiastic pleasure and joy is the fascination of the energy ability.
The emergence of laziness is the danger for the ability of energy.
Through brave striving this ability of energy escapes from laziness!

Source: The Path of Discrimination: Patisambhidamagga IV

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Energy entails Enthusiasm!

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