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Seeing the Dissolution  of all Phenomena!

The Ancient Elders explained:
All past constructions and all past formations, whether mental or material have dissolved,
and they continue to break up into any future, just as they do now! Clearly observing this
inevitable impermanence of all the present constructions, one can infer those past and future
to be the same: All formations will disappear! Like dew-drops vanish, when the morning sun
comes up. All Aggregates cease and nothing else really exists. The breakup of these 5 clusters
of clinging is known as death... One should watch and reflect upon their destruction carefully,
just as one, who with a diamond-drill bores a hole through a jewel. Since:

One who regards all phenomena as lasting as a bursting bubble; as illusive as a mirage;
One regarding all worldly life exactly so, is forever unseen even by the King of Death!
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Seeing the breakup of all phenomena therefore makes one approach Nibbāna
with the acute imperative urgency and efficacy of one with a burning turban...

Spontaneous is the Dissolution of all States...

On the 8 Advantages of noting and contemplating the Dissolution:

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