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    What are the Causes of Knowledge & Vision?

A Prince named Fearless once asked the Blessed Buddha:

Venerable Sir, what are the conditioning causes of knowledge and vision?
Here, prince, the Bhikkhu systematically develops the:

1: Awareness Link to Awakening,
2: Investigation of states Link to Awakening,
3: Energy Link to Awakening,
4: Joy Link to Awakening,
5: Tranquillity Link to Awakening,
6: Concentration Link to Awakening,
7: Equanimity Link to Awakening,

which is based upon seclusion, disillusion, ceasing, and maturing in release.
When his mind is enhanced and enforced by these 7 Links to Awakening,
then he knows and sees all phenomena as they really are. This is indeed
therefore a cause for knowledge and vision.. It is in this very way that
knowledge and vision are caused by these ultimately specific conditions.
What is this Dhamma explanation called, Venerable Sir?
These unique mental states are called the Links to Awakening, prince.
Surely they are Links to Awakening. Blessed One! Surely they are Links
to Awakening. Fortunate One! If any, who possesses even a single Link
to Awakening, would know and see things as they really are, what then
to say of one, who possesses all these seven Links to Awakening... !

On these 7 Links to Awakening (Sambojjhanga):

See also the opposite core question: What are the causes of Ignorance?

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V:127-8] section 46: The Links. 56: To Abhaya...

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