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Any Sense-Desire induces repeated Death!

And how, Bhikkhus, are sense desires regarded by a Bhikkhu so that he
weakens the latent tendency to sense desire, to lust for sensing, to sense
mania, to sense infatuation, to sense addiction, and to sensual obsession?
Imagine a Charcoal Pit deeper than a man's height, filled with red glowing
coals without flame or smoke. A man who wishes life & not death, who wants
happiness & not suffering, would pass by... Then two strong men would grab
him firmly by both his arms and drag him towards that burning charcoal pit...
In panic, that man would indeed wriggle & try to resist with all his might!
For what reason? Because he understands: If I fall into this charcoal pit,
then I will surely meet a terrible death or deadly pain! Exactly & even so,
Bhikkhus, when a Bhikkhu has seen & comprehended, that any & all sense
desire is similar to a Charcoal Pit, then the latent tendency to sense desire,
to sensual lust, to sense mania, to sense infatuation, to mad sense addiction,
& the deeply embedded latent tendency to sensual obsession fades away...

The Two Strong Men of evil force are similar to Ignorance & Craving, which
are the evil forces, that induce & reinforce disadvantageous sensual greed...
The resulting craving is the cause & origin of all Suffering = 2nd Noble Truth!

More on the folly vanity of desire for simple Sense Pleasure (Hedonism):

Blissful is being without passions in this world,
Blissful is the overcoming of all sense-desires!
Udana II, 1

Source (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya. Book IV [188-]
35: 6 Senses. Salayatana. States that entail Suffering. Dukkha-Dhammā 244.

The Charcoal Pit!

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Updated: 22 Dec 2016
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