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The Clever Agrarian Mind Maker:

As a good farmer removes weeds and rocks harmful to his field, similarly
does a monk remove anger, and jealousy from his mind. When a thought comes
to his mind that produces defilement, then he immediately removes it, so that
his mind becomes pure again, like a field becomes ready once weeds, and rocks
have been removed. Just like a farmer, who cultivates his field with the best
rice seed, and plants at the right time - first fertilizing for better growth -
must the Buddhist disciple cultivate advantageous states like friendliness,
pity, mutual joy, and equanimity in order to purify, refine, and enrich his mind.

Whoever is master of his own mind, bright, clear, and made straight,
such one may indeed rightly wear the yellow robe. Dhammapada 10

This is the proper way to begin for any clever one:
Guard the Senses.. Be Content.. Keep the 5 Precepts..
Cultivate only friends of pure livelihood, of lovely moral,
and who are rightly striving. Dhammapada 375

The Divine Classic: All-Embracing Infinite Friendliness!

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