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The Crucial Elimination of Anger:

As she was standing to one side, a devata asked this of the Blessed One:
Having killed what do you sleep in ease? Having killed what do you not grieve?
Of the slaying of what one thing does Gotama approve?

The Buddha answered:
Having slayed anger you sleep in ease. Having killed anger you do not grieve.
The Noble ones praise the slaying of anger with its honey crest & poison root,
for having killed it you do not grieve...  SN 1.71

Those absorbed in such accusations as:
"He/she/they abused, hurt, did me or us wrong!"
whether right or wrong, such foolish ones only prolong own pain
by being obsessed, and thus possessed by their own anger.
Those freed of all these accusations:
"He/she/they abused, hurt, did me or us wrong!"
just plainly noting: "Whether right or wrong, so what's the point?"
such clever ones silence their own suffering by relinquishing all anger.
Dhammapada Illustration 3+4 Background Story 3+4

Not by anger is Hate ever quenched.
Only by Kindness is Hate always quenched.
This Ancient Law is an eternal and absolute Truth ... !
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What good does any accusation, whether right or wrong, do to anybody?
Nothing! On the contrary: It scorches mind from inside, inflames ill-will,
and infects all with hot-headed hate! In short: The way to the Downfall!

Hate brings great misfortune..
Hate churns up and harms the mind!
This fearful danger deep within own mind
most beings do not understand at all..
Itivuttaka 84

Hate, anger, wrath, aversion, irritation, opposition, and stubbornness are
all cured by regular metta meditation on universal friendliness:

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Updated: 30 December 2016

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