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Impermanence cannot be Stopped!

Let us face the dry facts! Everything is impermanent! We can all understand
impermanence superficially. But deep down in our subconscious mind, a sense
of permanence is lurking. So we keep patching up our broken teeth, wrinkled
dry skin, brittle nails, grey hair, hunched backs, weak eyes, impaired hearing,
becoming sick, breaking bones, and many other things caused by the inevitable
impermanence of this fragile body. Similarly do our moods, our feelings, our
thoughts, our perceptions, and our memories all go through many changes in
every moment. We take medicines, see mental health specialists, and do many
other things, including meditation, to correct our restless flickering minds!
While we are doing this, impermanence is still going on crushing everything
both inside our body and mind, and also
relentlessly outside in all the worlds...
While all the organs, all the cells, nervous system, quality of blood, capacity
of oxygen content in the lungs, and the bone structure are going through this
very rapid, and unmistakable change, no matter how much we patch up on the
surface, and beneath the skin, impermanence is working its due course quite
persistently underground, and inside the body and mind. Nothing on this earth,
no science, no technology, can delay, or ever stop this proceeding of change!
Impermanence keeps burning everything up unstoppable, and systematically..

Seeing impermanence (anicca) is the key that opens mind to see suffering,
and no-self! The moment we understand this very clearly, our mind realizes
the very fact, that things change without leaving a trace behind to follow the
path that this impermanence has taken. This is called voidness, or signlessness...
This awareness evaporates the lust, and desire for anything, that is impermanent!
It also evaporates all aversion growing up from our disappointed expectations...
Then naturally, this clean mind becomes fully aware of not having any agent,
immovable mover, or controller, which commonly is mistaken as "Self, I, Me, Ego"
or even "Soul" by some people. This element of the Dhamma, this basic intrinsic
nature of all, this law of Dhamma is known in Buddhism as the emptiness of self!
The Blessed Buddha said: Sabbe Dhammā Anatta = All States are Self-&-coreless!
Seeing impermanence with wisdom is the key to all detachment, any calming, stilling,
ceasing, and releasing mental relinquishment. A quite joyous freedom is the result!

In the Mahā-suññata Sutta  (MN 122) The Blessed Buddha  points out that
suffering arises from clinging, and attaching to all these impermanent things:
"I do not see even a single kind of form, from the change and alteration of
which, there would not arise sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief, and despair in
one who lusts for it, and takes delight in it!" The same is true of all transient
feelings, perceptions, any constructed intention, and kind of consciousness!
If we tenaciously cling to any of them, then we suffer, when they decay..

This passage clearly states, that suffering arises from the attachment to
form, not because the form is impermanent, but because we are attached
to impermanent form. When we attain full enlightenment, we do not suffer!
This happens not because we make any impermanent things now everlasting!
This happens only because we release our clinging to
all impermanent things..
Impermanent phenomena continue to be impermanent, whether we ever gain
enlightenment, or not. As the blessed Buddha also has explained
"Bhikkhus, whether
Tathāgatas  appear, or do not appear, there is always
this constantly established element of Dhamma, this fixed law of Dhamma:
'All that is conditioned, and constructed is impermanent.' To this a Tathāgata
fully awakens, and fully understands. So awakened, and thus understanding,
he announces it, points it out, declares, establishes, expounds, and explains it,
classifies, and clarifies it: 'All that is conditioned is actually impermanent... '
Bhikkhus, whether Tathāgatas appear, or do not appear, there is always this
precedent condition, and absolute of Dhamma, this anchored law of Dhamma:
'All that is conditioned, and constructed is unsatisfactory, and thus suffering!'
To this a Tathāgata
fully awakens, and fully understands. So awakened, and
thus understanding, he announces, points it out, declares, establishes, explains,
and clarifies it: 'All that is conditioned, and constructed is indeed Suffering!'
Bhikkhus, whether
Tathāgatas  appear, or do not appear, there is always this
situation present, this subtle truth of Dhamma, this safe doctrine of Dhamma:
'All states are without a self!' To this fact any Tathāgata
fully awakens, and
fully understands. So awakened, and understanding, he announces, points it out,
declares, establishes, explains it, and clarifies it: All states are without self!"
Anguttara Nikāya I 285

By seeing this impermanence, suffering, and selflessness
thus in all conditioned
things in this, and any other world, one naturally becomes disenchanted with
everything constructed. This disenchantment leads to disillusion, and dispassion
towards everything. Within a dispassionate mind craving for everything will
gradually fade away (
virāga). With this insight, one lets go of all attachment.
Being dispassionate, one thereby liberates oneself from all this evil misery...
Being liberated, one knows that one is liberated, has ended rebirth, has lived
the Noble life, has done what should be done, and that there is nothing more
to be done! This means that attaining full freedom from all suffering indeed
begins with this very perfect, complete, and acute awareness of impermanence...!

Source: Bhante Henepola Gunaratana: From Impermanence to Liberation.
Buddhist Publication Society Newsletter #63: 2010-1.

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