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Noting the Posture!


Awareness of the Body as mere Postures!

The Blessed Buddha said regarding noting The Four Postures:
Again, friends, when walking, a Bhikkhu notes and understands:
This body is walking! When standing, he notes and understands:
This body is standing! When sitting, he notes and understands:
This body is sitting! When lying down, he notes and understands:
This body is lying down or he notes and understands the attitude,
position and location of whatever way the body frame is positioned.
In this way he lives considering the body as internal, as external,
as something both internal and external. And he lives therefore
dwelling independent, freed, not clinging to anything in this world...
He knows and understands that it is no real 'person', no real 'being',
not an 'I', 'me' or 'ego' that goes, sits, stands and lies down, but that
it is only the 5 clusters of clinging and the 4 great elements of solidity,
fluidity, heat and motion, which when arising and ceasing in adjacent
locations appears to be going, sitting, standing, and lying down, yet all
these elements naturally & instantly cease right wherever they arised!

When experiencing the body as a remote, alien, and ownerless form,
an accumulated material circumstance, neither I-me-mine, nor what
'I am', nor what belongs to me, nor as safe, lasting, nor as something
that can be kept, then there is fearlessness of death, since this fear
of death is closely related to the fear of loosing the current body...
This fearlessness settles mind into an imperturbable peacefulness! 

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Source Text: Majjhima Nikāya 119: Kayagata-Sati Sutta

Noting the Posture!

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