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How to be a Worthy Lay Disciple?

The Buddha once explained how:
Let me tell you the way of life of a householder, who becomes a good disciple:
Laying aside all violence, he would not kill any living creature, nor cause to kill,
nor allow others to kill. He should
deliberately avoid taking anything, which
has not been freely given. Neither should he cause to steal, nor allow others
to steal. He should not transgress against another's wife. When gone to the
audience hall, court or assembly, he should neither speak falsely himself, nor
cause others to speak falsely, deceive, or pretend. He avoids all untruth...
He should also avoid intoxicating drinks and drugs, nor cause to drink, nor
allow others to drink, or take drugs, since intoxication causes carelessness!
Intoxication makes
negligent fools commit evil deeds accumulating demerit.
He should neither eat food at night, nor wear jewellery, nor use perfume...
He should sleep on a  low couch, or on the ground on a mat. For this they say
is the eight-fold fast day observance, declared by the Buddha, who has gone
beyond all suffering. Having kept this fast day every fortnight, with a clear
mind, rejoicing, he should in the morning share suitable food with the Sangha
of Bhikkhus. He should support his mother and father by making honest trade.
A vigilant householder living this Noble way of life is reborn among the devas
who shines bright... Sn 393-404

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