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How is a Friend really Good?

The Blessed Buddha once explained:
Who is welcoming and friendly, generous, open and unselfish;
A guide, an instructor, a leader, such One will gain much honour!
Digha Nikāya 31

The friend who is a helping companion, the friend both in happiness and misery,
The friend who gives good and sound advice, the friend who really cares and understands...
These four, the clever knows as good Friends! These 4 heroes, one should cherish devotedly,
as a mother nurses her own only child.
Digha Nikāya 31

If one finds a wise and intelligent friend, who lives a good, correct and fully pure life,
Then, overcoming all obstacles, one should always keep his joyous and alert company...
Dhammapada 328

Video on Friendly Mettā  Meditation:

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More on the good in beautiful Friendship (Kalyānamittatā):

The really Good Friend!

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Updated: 30 Dec 2016
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