The Monkey passing the Banana »


Repeatedly Lost Opportunity:

Passing by without even noticing the treasure:
Having laid it out three ripe bananas to the monkeys, I was quite a baffled
after seeing an adult macaque pass them by unnoticed, even though they were
within reach and less than ½m away ...! Why did it pass by it, when good?

Then it appeared to me: Like drawing with stick in water:
Oohh so is it indeed also with most sentient beings in this folly world:
They pass by the Buddha-Dhamma again and again, life after life, never picking it up,
even though it is perfectly formulated, completely releasing, and surely saving one
from all that is suffering... Even though this Dhamma leads to the Deathless state,
beings miss the opportunity & flutter on in Samsara... Obsessed with empty and
decaying constructions... ever vanishing into recurring absurdity...

It is said that teaching the Dhamma, when average human life length is less than 100 years,
is like drawing in water with a stick... It leaves no lasting trace!

Highly impermanent if not impossible ...

Therefore: Thanks to that monkey for telling it to me so clearly: No more 'bananas',
neither here, nor there, nor evermore.... It is time to let go of all the 'bananas'!
It is time to let it go ... It is time to relinquish ... It is time to give it up !

Let there be Peace ...
Let there be Happiness ...
Let there be Freedom ...


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Updated: 22 December 2016

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