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Bad Behaviour and not Family defines the Outcaste:

Once a brahmin asked the Blessed Buddha: What makes an Outcaste?
The Blessed One
then explained: Not birth or family, but evil bad behaviour defines
an outcaste: Whoever is angry, irritable, cruel, hypocritical, has wrong views, and who
is  false, pretending, and deceitful, such one should be known as an outcaste.
Whoever in this world harms living beings, who has no pity, who terrorizes, destroys or
besieges villages and towns as a notorious dictatorial oppressor, such evil one should
be known as an outcaste.
Whoever in a village or a forest takes by theft, what was not given to him, who having
lend money, when requested denies to repay, who due to desire for some trifle commits
violence, or adultery, such one should be known as an outcaste! Sn 116-121

On behaviour see also Kamma = Intentional Action. (Sanskrit: Karma):
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The Outcaste...

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