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The Problem of Life is sure Death!

The Blessed Buddha once said:
The days and nights are flying past. Life dwindles hurriedly away:
The life of mortals vanishes like water flushes out a tiny stream. SN 4:10

Whosoever knows this body to be as temporary as a bubble, as insubstantial as
the mirror image, such one will break the flower tipped arrows of Mara and
cannot be seen by this King of Death ... Dhammapada 46

As in the morning one may fear the falling of all the ripened fruits:
So do all mortals in this world live in constant fear of death...
Since they know: Certain is their future death! Sn 576

All beings are subject to death, end in death, can never escape death.
As every earthenware pot that has been fashioned by the potter's hand,
No matter whether small or great will fall and break to pieces in the end:
Just so are all beings subject to death, end in death, can never escape death.
All beings will at some time have to die, their life one day will end in death,
And they will fare after their doings: The good or bad fruits they have earned.
The evil-doer fares to the burning hell. The Noble man re-arises in a happy world.
Hence, Noble doings you should perform as a safe provision for your next life,
For good doings for the next world give to all living beings their only support:
On the other side! SN 3:22

Just as the mighty rocky mountains are stretching high up in the sky,
Extending wide on all the land around and weighing heavily down on it!
Just so do old age and Death suppress all living beings in this universe,
whether warriors, priests, traders, workers, sweepers and animals too.
Not sparing anyone, or anything whatsoever, crushing all life to be found.
SN 3:25

SURPRISE (again)!
Death carries off the man while distracted by gathering flowers
of sensual pleasures, exactly and even so as a great flood carries
away a sleeping village. Dhammapada 47

Regarding Death and the Deathless State:

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