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The Twin Truths won by keen Dual Consideration:

The blessed Buddha once said:
Friends, the first consideration is:
Whatever Suffering arises, this Suffering is caused by Acquisition!
Another consequent, and subsequent consideration is therefore:
Stopping all Acquisition of this Fuel, stops all arising of Suffering!

Taking up many acquisitions, clinging to possessions and thereby accumulating
fuel for renewed becoming, the fool comes to Suffering ever again and again!
Letting go, renouncing, and leaving all behind, the wise goes scot-free at ease!

Considering these twin truths cautiously, resolutely and enthusiastically, one
may either enter the state of
Nibbāna  right here and now in this very life,
or if there is remaining traces of Clinging left, the state of non-return...

Those who neglect analysis and understanding of Clinging, the origin of Clinging,
the end of Clinging, and how Clinging is completely and irreversibly eliminated,
are incapable of release by understanding, are incapable of mental release,
are incapable of direct knowledge, and thus incapable of making an end...
They repeat birth, ageing, decay, sickness, and death ever again and again...
While those who undertake understanding of Clinging, Origin, End, and Way,
are indeed capable of mental release by understanding, direct knowledge,
and thus capable of making an end... They are headed towards the deathless!

Clinging to inevitably impermanent Acquisitions IS always suffering...
Why so? These accumulated acquisitions will always be lost...

More on Acquisition due to Clinging here:

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Source: The Bundle of Threads. The Sutta-Nipāta 724-765

Any Acquisition entails Suffering!


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