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The Way of  the Three Higher Trainings:

The Blessed Buddha once explained:

There are, Bhikkhus, these 3 kinds of training:
1: Training in Higher Morality (adhi-sīla-sikkhā)...
2: Training in Higher Consciousness (adhi-citta-sikkhā)...
3: Training in Higher Understanding (adhi-pañña-sikkhā)...

What, Bhikkhus, is the training in higher morality?
Herein the monk is possessed of morality, is fully controlled by the monastic code
of 227 disciplinary rules, perfected in pure conduct & behaviour by recoiling from
even the minutest offense, he trains himself in these higher moral training rules.
This is called the training in higher morality!

What, Bhikkhus, is the training in higher consciousness?
Herein the monk, secluded from sensual desires, protected from any detrimental
mental state, enters & dwells in the 1st jhāna of joy & pleasure born of solitude,
in directed & sustained thought. He enters the 2nd, 3rd & 4th absorption (jhāna).
This is called the training in higher consciousness!

What, Bhikkhus, is the training in higher understanding?
Herein the monk completely understands according to the actual reality:
What Suffering is, What the Cause of Suffering is,
What the Ceasing of Suffering is, and
What the Way leading to ceasing of Suffering is.
This is called the training in higher understanding!

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Source (edited extract):
Numerical Discourses of the Buddha. Anguttara Nikāya AN 3:88-89

Higher Training!

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