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The Deepest Tranquilization is that of Greed, Hate & Ignorance!

The Blessed Buddha once said:

Formerly, when that person was still ignorant, then he was possessed & obsessed 
by sexual & sensual greed, lust, desire, yearning, envy, jealousy, and miserliness...
He was obsessed & possessed by hate, anger, ill-will, irritation and stubbornness...
He was obsessed and possessed by ignorance, doubt, delusion & plain foolishness...
These evils are now overcome by him, eradicated, like a slashed & uprooted tree,
completely destroyed, and therefore unable to sprout into existence ever again!
Therefore such Bhikkhu, thus endowed, is indeed enriched by the highest Calm!
This tranquillization is his unshakable foundation! Since this, friends, is the very
highest and most precious: The Tranquillization of Greed, Hate, and Ignorance!

Tranquillity (Passaddhi) Quiet : Tranquillity_Passaddhi, Feeding_Tranquillity
Calm (Samatha) Peaceful Ease: Forest Bliss, Calm_and_Insight, Calm
The 3 Root Violations (Mūla): Proximate_Causes, Fading_Away

Source Text (extract): Majjhima Nikāya 140: Analysis of the Elements:

The Deepest Calm!

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