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How is the Unconditioned State?

The Blessed Buddha once said:
Bhikkhus, the absence of all greed, all hate, and all ignorance:
This, friends, is called the Uncreated, the Unconditioned, the Uninclined,
the Unattracted, the Unmanifested, the Infinite, the Absolute Freedom,
the Further Shore, the Subtle, the Inconceivable, the Ageless, the Unity,
the Permanence, the Beyond of all Diversity, the Peaceful, the Deathless...,
the Sublime Sameness, the Wonderful, the Sweet Safety, the Fantastic,
the Sorrowless,  the Refuge, the Unoppressed, the Detached, the Release,
the Island..., the Shelter..., the Final State..., the Highest Bliss: Nibbāna...
Samyutta Nikāya. 43:12-44

There exists indeed, Bhikkhus, that which is unborn, unbecome, uncreated,
which is neither caused, nor created, nor constructed, nor conditioned...
For if there were not, Bhikkhus, that which is unborn, unbecome, uncreated,
that which is uncaused and unconditioned, there could not be known here the
absolute escape from that, which is born, from that which is become,
from what is created and constructed, from all that which is conditioned...
However, since there indeed exists, this
still sublime state, which is unborn,
which is unbecome, which is uncreated, and absolutely unconditioned, there
can therefore right now be made known the complete escape from all that,
which is born and created, and from all which is dependent and conditioned...
Itivuttaka: 43

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