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    Tranquillity is a Link to Awakening:

The Tranquillity Link to Awakening (passaddhi-sambojjhanga) has the
characteristic of peace, and the function of stilling, which manifests as
absence of restless trembling. Stillness of feeling, perception and mental
construction is the factor that induces bodily Tranquillity..
Stillness of consciousness itself induces mental Tranquillity...
The proximate cause of Tranquillity is the satisfaction within Joy!
The resulting effect of Tranquillity is the bliss within Happiness!

The Buddha once said: What mental fermentations (āsava) should be overcome
by development? If a Bhikkhu by careful and rational attention develops the
Tranquillity Link to Awakening based on seclusion, based on disillusion, based
on ceasing, and culminating in cool relinquishment, then neither can any mental
fermentation, nor any fever, nor any discontent ever arise in him. MN2 [i 11]

In one who is joyous, the body becomes calm and the mind becomes calm.
The Tranquillity Link to Awakening emerges right there. He develops it,
and for him it goes to the culmination of its development. MN118 [iii 85]

Calm is his thought, calm is his speech, and calm is his behaviour, such one who
truly is knowing, is indeed completely freed, perfectly tranquil, and wise...
Dhammapada 96

The one who eliminates discontent, tearing it out by the roots, utterly cuts
it out, such one spontaneously becomes absorbed in the calm of tranquillity
both at day, and by night as well. Dhammapada 250

The one who is tranquil in his movements, calmed in speech, stilled in thought,
collected and composed, who sees right through and rejects all allurements
of this world, such one is truly a 'Peaceful One'. Dhammapada 378

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