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     Phenomena are either Causes, Effects, or Neither:

The blessed Buddha said:

1: There are States, which are Causes...
2: There are States, which are Effects...
3: There are States, which are neither Causes, nor Effects...

Unintentional (=kiriya) action (=kamma), being neither advantageous
(=kusala) nor detrimental (=akusala), falls in the third category 3, as
neither effected themselves, nor causing any effects (=vipāka)...

Other phenomena in this third inert category are all inanimate forms
such as stones, plants, mountains, instruments, oceans, trees, etc.,
and the unconditional, and unconstructed element of Nibbāna...
They are all inactive, passive, and neutral as they are neither a cause,
nor an effect, and they are neither advantageous, nor detrimental!

Some Examples:
Unintentionally killing an ant by stepping on it carries no bad effects.
Why not? It was not caused by any evil intention by anybody!
A knife or even an atomic bomb is not evil or bad in themselves, since
they are merely unconscious inanimate forms lacking any intention.
The evil use of these instruments, however, entails pain caused by
the bad intention motivating such evil actions. Kamma is the intention!

Core Causality rules:
If the intention is bad, then the later karmic effect will be pain.
If the intention is good, then the later karmic effect will be pleasure.
If the intention is neutral, then the later karmic effect will be neutral.

Mind (Mano) is an ever renewed cycle sequence of this chain of 5 events:
Sense Contact1 => Feeling1 => Perception1 => Intention1 =>
Sense Contact2 => Feeling2 => Perception2 => Intention2 => Attention2=>
Sense Contact3 => Feeling3 => Perception3 => Intention3 => Attention3=>
Etc. Frequency ~ billions per second. Jus
t an GHz automate, a mental robot...
An impersonal 'roll out' of conditions. Neither 'I', nor 'me', nor 'mine'...

Consciousness causes Collapse of the Quantum Wave-function.

Systematic Details here:

For details on the mechanics of Kamma = Intentional Action see:

Mind works as a transceiver embedded in a universal complex field of probabilities..
It causes, sends out, and receives echoes of Kammically effective intentional activities...
Even without knowing it, or ever understanding it itself! ;-) 

The 1st AbhiDhamma Book: Dhammasanghanī: The Classification of States.
The Enumeration of Ultimate Realities. Tr. by U Kyaw Khine. 1999.
Sri Satguru Publications. Delhi.

Intention radiates Karmic Probability!

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