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Impersonal, selfless, coreless, ownerless and without ego are all phenomena:

There exists no unchanging, same, identical identity such as 'I, Me, My-self, My Ego, My Personality'!
There exist momentary states of internal form, feeling, perception, construction, and consciousness.
These five internal clusters of clinging are always changing, becoming otherwise, and never the same!

There exist no unchanging, same, identical identities such as 'They, We, Them-selves, these Personalities'!
There exist momentary states of external form, feeling, perception, construction, and consciousness.
These five external clusters of clinging are always changing, becoming otherwise, and never the same!

The notion: 'I Am' is false! There is a process of ever renewed becoming: The "Am" is therefore OK!
However the pointing reference "I" is without a referent! It is lacking a real object & points nowhere!
Egoism is the assumed belief in an unverifiable, unchanging core substance residing somewhere inside
all beings as a permanent entity, which is the fictitious basis of the 'self, ego, person, I, me, U, We' etc!

However much one falls in love with this made-up 'idea,' it remains not to be seen, or ever demonstrated!
Though non-existent this purely mental construct is nevertheless quite effective as a conflict-starter...
This fake 'king in the inner castle', is tenaciously defended & gratified, even when he is not really there!
How comic! How tragic! How tricky! How difficult to see! How precious to know! How releasing of all _/_


More on this counterintuitive selflessness (No-Self = Anattā):


The Blessed Buddha once emphasized:
Blissful is solitude for one who is content, learned & who see the True Dhamma.
More blissful is complete harmlessness towards all beings without exception.
Even more blissful is full freedom from any sensual craving whatsoever.
Yet, the supreme bliss, is the elimination of this abysmal conceit “I am”...
Udana – Inspiration: II – 1

The assumed 'Self' suffocates itself...

Ego is Not!

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