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How is one well equipped with the 5 Abilities?
A certain, not very well known Bhikkhu once asked Blessed Buddha:
Venerable Sir, it is said: One is well equipped with the 5 mental abilities!
In what way, Venerable Sir, is one well equipped with these five abilities?
The Blessed Buddha then pointed out:
When, Bhikkhu, a Bhikkhu thoroughly trains and fully develops: 
The ability of Faith, which leads to stilling, which leads to enlightenment..
The ability of Energy, which leads to peace, which leads to awakening..
The ability of Awareness, which leads to harmony, which leads to safety..
The ability of Concentration, which leads to rest, which leads to ending..
The ability of Understanding, which leads to ease, which leads to bliss..
Then he becomes one, who is well equipped with the 5 mental abilities!

On these 5 Crucial Mental Abilities (indriya)  see:

Stretch the Range of Ur mental Abilities by Training them!

Source of reference (edited extract):
The Grouped Sayings of the Buddha. Samyutta Nikāya.
Book [V: 203] 48 The Mental Abilities: 19 Equipped..

Enjoying Nice Mental Gear!

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