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All Phenomena are just Mental States:

What is a phenomenon?

Answer: A phenomenon is an experienced state manifesting as an appearance, a mentally
observed event, a conscious occasion! Whether experienced as a mental object: Examples:
An experienced thought, idea, feeling, mood, or experienced as a physical object: Examples:
An experienced sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch: This experience remains just a mental 'state',
which is what in early Buddhism is called a discrete 'Dhammā' . This event is just a passing moment
of consciousness in time! As such: Everything worldly is a mental state! Nothing whatsoever exists
as an
independent of mind 'physical' object 'out there', until it is observed as a mind experience...
Before and after this direct observation, this 'thing', remains just an 'idea', or a mere potential

possibility of quantum-mechanical likelihood for observation! Not quite as 'real' anymore...

They once asked the Buddha:
What is the Cause of a Phenomenon?

He replied:
Attention (manasikāra) is the cause of any phenomenon!
Why so? When attention is present, the phenomenon appears...
When attention is absent, the phenomenon disappears!
and he further later added:
This World  both Begins  and Ends  within this 2 fathom frame of bones...  SN I 62
The ALL is thereby actually just a sensed and experienced representation...  SN IV 15

Insisting on Direct Experience as Reality:
This ultra-realistic insistence on direct experience is also called Radical Empiricism,
a pragmatic conception of reality, which philosophically was coined by
William James.

Further resources on this Dhamma 'Atom' of Experienced Existence:
The Theory of Discrete States (Dhammā)  for the Beginner:
The Dhamma Theory: The Philosophical Cornerstone of the Abhidhamma
Y. Karunadasa. Wheel 412/413 Buddhist Publication Society https://www.bps.lk/

For further study on Phenomena as mere mental states:

 The Phenomenon 'Match'  Occurring only momentarily by
mentally experienced observation! Not 'out there' as an observer-independent 'substance',
but 'in here' in our observer-mind, as just yet another experiencable passing mental state...

On participatory Observation in Orthodox Contemporary Quantum-Mechanics:
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The_Fact_of_No-Self_Anatta, Quantum_Buddhist_Agreements,
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Ontology, Discrete_States, Omniscient_Quantum_Mind.

Phenomena are Mental States...

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