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On Reality all True Explanations will have to Converge!

Standard, internally Consistent and Orthodox, yet still highly Controversial for some:
Quantum Mechanics & early Theravāda Buddhism agrees on at least 3 crucial points:

1: The concept of "Static Reality Out There" is violated at the absolute level!
Some attributes of the object like location, speed etc. cannot truly be said to
be existing BEFORE observation, or INDEPENDENT of observation! Rather there
is a POTENTIALITY of multiple possibilities for these attributes to occur, out of
which only one particular one manifests, when INTENTIONAL observation collapses
this wave of potentiality into a new real actuality! This momentary EVENT Buddhism
calls a Dhammā  = Basic mental state of a fundamentally dual mind-matter coincidence!
When there is looking and observation phenomena happen! When not looking they don't!
Conventional 'Reality' may thus be known better only as a particular mode of perception...
Not as an Absolute Fact!

Regarding "Consciousness causes Collapse" please see Radin's 2012 experiments:
Consciousness and the double-slit interference pattern: Six experiments
PHYSICS ESSAYS 25, 2 (2012) Dean Radin at al.

2: The concept of "Separable Locality in Space" is violated at the absolute level!
The same phenomena can both be "individual" and "multiple" even at same time!
Individual phenomena can have more than one spatial location at the same time...
Two things spatially separated -even by 1/2 a universe- is still causally connected
as if they were entangled 'outside' or independent of space and time. Conventional
space and time may thus also be known better only as particular modes of perception...
Not as Absolute Facts!

3: The elements of Consciousness  and its content Information  are fundamentally REAL!
Consciousness cannot ever be set aside, since it not only is an obviously indispensable 
requirement and inseparable part of any observation and phenomenon, but it is also an
irreducible fundamental element of any process of being (read becoming) alive, that cannot
be explained by or cut up into other parts! Consciousness is on the mental  side, what space
is on the material  side: Both can contain and display all, but they do not themselves have
any other characteristic, than their primary essence: Naked awareness & empty spatiality...
Consciousness and information are the absolute facts, and the fundamental and irreducible
reals other things, whether mental or material, are made out of & unambiguously based upon!

Some Comparable Concepts from Quantum Physics and early Theravādin Buddhism:

Quantum Physics says: Theravādin Buddhism says:
Things are in a state of superposition of multiple probabilities of which only one occurs exactly at the moment of measurement! Before observation things are undetermined, potential & not yet real! This 'Universe' starts and ends all within this ~2 meter
frame of a body...! Only when consciousness is present,
can solidity, fluidity, heat & motion manifest themselves.
When consciousness is absent the 'world' therefore ends!
The observer participates thus in the very creation
 of the object & is therefore inseparable from it!
No observation is without affecting the object...  
The truth about reality is ONE, and neither two nor three!
Subject and object is a unity, and not a diverse duality...
Observation is desire driven and thus kammically creative.
Things are non-locally entangled! Things that are spatially widely separated, can still causally and
instantly affect each other and act correlated!
The sage can be both here and there simultaneously...
He can become one, & he can become many of any form!
He can instantly know other's thoughts where ever he is.

Highly recommendable for this convergent view on our future collectively created reality is this documentary:
What the BLEEP Do We Know!? extended as: Down the Rabbit Hole How far do U dare go?

Best from https://www.whatthebleep.com

What the Bleep intro trailer compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7dhztBnpxg

More kicks on Quantum-Buddhist convergences and the Dhammā-  Theory:
The Dhamma Theory: The Philosophical Cornerstone of the Abhidhamma

Unique & Subtle is Knowing the real Real just as it is!

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